Commit To Care

connecting those in need with those who can help

'Commit to Care' helps our Pastoral Team connect those in need with those who can help. 

Please fill out this form so we can help you help others. Answer only the questions relevant to you.

This should take only a few minutes.

Pledge: I commit to caring for one another in our community

Passion & Skills

What passions & skills could you use to help others? Please list 2 – 4 things in each category – things you are happy for us to know about you

Tip: things I care deeply about, e.g. environment, social justice, prayer, young people, etc

Tip: things I know something about, and would enjoy talking about, or teaching to others about, e.g. bible, work skills, management, care, exercise etc

Tip: things I know how to do and enjoy, e.g. project organisation, gardening, painting, rock climbing, cooking, jewellery making, photopgraphy, sign language etc

Tip: Who do I connect with? Community groups / committees / clubs I am a part of

4 simple ways you can care

Select the ways in which you prefer to help. 

The following selections from this Commit to Care Form can be used by the Pastoral Staff to connect your offer of service to a need in our community.

Tip: Support people by bringing their concerns and needs to our Gracious God in prayer.

Tip: Be a voice on the phone or a friend to have a coffee with as people journey through easy and hard times. Be present, listen and pray when someone is sick, lonely or elderly

Tip: Describe what you would like to offer. This could be making and writing cards for people, a lawyer willing to donate time and expertise on occasions, a musician willing to play for people who are lonely or in grief, helping when someone has computer issues.

I could make a difference by helping practically.

Select the ways you prefer to help. You can select multiple options

Tip: Meals can make a huge difference in times of need.

Tip: Transporting people to church or medical appointments

Tip: Gardening for people in need or in service of our Church.

Tip: Using Handy Skills like painting, carpentry, general house maintenance, trade skills to the Church or people in need


Contact Information

Please provide contact details so we can connect with you!

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